Quality Policies and Objectives;

To ensure the satisfaction of our customers by being aware of the expectations of our customers and the realities of the world market, developing the right products before our competitors and growing continuously as a leading company in the market.

To operate as a company that attaches importance to the environment and human health, working for high quality, low cost and high efficiency in production and energy consumption with a workforce that is committed to and adopts company values.

To continuously improve all processes and the effectiveness of the Quality Management System in order to become a world brand that comes to mind first when it comes to domestic and foreign brands in solar panels, innovative, high quality, reliable, creating difference and value.

To make our employees feel that they are members of an important global brand with our team spirit and to invest in their training.

Supporting all our partners to achieve the goals and objectives we have set.

Occupational Health and Safety Policy

As Kıvanç Enerji Üretim A.Ş., our priority is always occupational health and safety.

It is the basis of our policy to prevent all damages to our personnel, customers, suppliers, contractors, third parties, customer property and equipment in all our processes.

We monitor the performance on occupational health and safety and provide continuous training by providing feedback for the development of our employees in this field.

During our activities;

We will comply with occupational health and safety legislation and relevant standards,

We will provide a healthy and safe working environment for all our employees and related parties,

We will work to prevent injuries and health deterioration,

We will conduct systematic and scientific studies to eliminate hazards and reduce OSH risks,

The occupational health and safety management system and its performance will be continuously improved,

To ensure the participation of our employees and employee representatives while carrying out all these activities

Develop and implement effective emergency preparedness and response systems,

Promote a culture where occupational health and safety risks are assessed and managed at all levels,

Continuity of reliability, integrity and compliance in our work,

Implementing continuous improvements in the occupational health and safety management system and monitoring policies necessary to maintain appropriate operating standards

we are committed.

Kivanc Solar Panels

Annual Production Capacity of 1.2 GW

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