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About Us

We Produce Solar Panels with Premium Quality and Efficiency

We adopt being attentive to the environment, humanity and future generations as an indicator of respect by using the natural energy resources offered by the world.

By combining our experience with a production approach that makes a difference with its quality and efficiency, we established our panel production factory with a capacity of 1.2 GW at the beginning of 2023. As Kıvanc Energy, we continue our operations with our expert team. Also, there are artificial intelligence-supported quality control systems in different locations of our production area.


All of our projects, under the name of Kıvanc Solar, have reached a total installed capacity of 232 MW.

Kıvanc Energy continues its efforts to bring domestic and renewable energy resources to our economy by using the most efficient level. Our company invests in the fields of Solar, Wind and Hydroelectric energy, among the areas where our country has high potential.

Kıvanç Energy Group

Kıvanc Energy was established in 2006 to operate in the field of electricity production from renewable energy sources within Kıvanc Group. It continues its quality approach with its power plants with a total installed capacity of 232 MW, including 6 MW Cogeneration Facility, 32 MW Hydroelectric Energy, 72.5 MW Solar Energy and 121 MW Wind Energy. The solar panels sold by Alarko Carrier are produced by Kivanc Energy Corporation on behalf of Alarko Carrier at the Kıvanç Solar Panel factory.

Kivanc Quantum Series Solar Panels

Annual Production Capacity of 1.2 GW

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